Las Abejas

by Las Abejas

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Recorded at Music Dorks August/December 2014 by Daniel Figueroa
Mixed 2015 by Daniel Figueroa and Las Abejas
Mastering by Hector "StoneTape" Hernandez
Dead Mofongo Records DM-010
Photography by Guillermo Ortiz
Artwork concept by Cristian Zayas


released March 18, 2016

Las Abejas son
Cristian Zayas- Guitar/Vocals
Jorge Perez- Guitar/Vocals
Jose Moreira- Drums/Vocals
Kevin Garcia- Bass



all rights reserved


Las Abejas Puerto Rico

From San Juan, Puerto Rico. Formed in 2010 by Cristian Zayas and Jorge Perez the band focus is on their own take on post- punk. In 2011 Jose Moreira joins the band on drums and record their first E.P under then name 'The Bee's Knees'. In 2013 they changed their name to Las Abejas officially and put out their cassette debut on Dead Mofongo Records "Lazy Views" Now a 4 piece band Kevin is on bass. ... more

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Track Name: She Will
I feel so understated,
when you treat me like this.
Not that emotionally stable
but I know I’ll resist.
Resemblance of a young Margaret Thatcher,
with your own iron fist.
I hope she won’t slam it down on me.
But I think that she will

Yeah, she will!
She will!

I feel that you find amusing
the kind of trouble I’m in.
Seems like my days are wasted,
always thinking 'bout this.
You always acting calmly
when I feel like shit.
I hope she won’t slam it down on me
but I know that she will

Yeah, she will!
She will!
Track Name: Seras Tú
No se pero me pasa algo, no se que sera.
No se pero me pasa algo, no se que sera.
Seras tu.
O la chica con las florecitas?
Seras tu,
O la chica que se pasa alla atras?

Yo te lo ruego, nena.
El tiempo pasa entre los dos.
Rapido y lento.
Nunca en el medio del pendulo.
Track Name: Bones
Well, I've been locking all my doors and changing all the windows in my apartment.
You might think that is too much but you don't know yourself when you're lonely.
Nobody is perfect.
Nobody could earn it but you surely try to.
What the hell is going on?
Looking for your company in fears.
Don't you try to explain yourself...
What the hell are you doing here?
You've been trading life lesson for moral transgression.
Your eyes are a blessing.
Take me, take me to heaven on a blue.
Oh...and I hated.
Well I'll tell you a secret, makes you quiver down to your bones.

Don't you try to explain yourself, you look just like an addict!
What am I gonna do!?
Oh, no!
What am I gonna do!?
Oh, no!
I don't even know..
Take me out.
Track Name: Wolves
I'm turning on the lights in, I'm turning on the lights in.
I'm turning on the lights in your house.
What do you know?
Don't you know I've?
Can't you see I've?
Can't you tell I've?
I am playing the fool.
Well I remember something you told me that night that went up to does parking lots.
Well I remember something you told me that night that we went up.
Made those expressions, expressions, expressions.
On that day.
And everything's cool, you said to me.
And I can't believe you when you woke me up in the middle of the night for this.
Oh, just tell me, just tell me, just tell me.
You're running with the wolves.
You're running with the wolves and my sweet heart.
And I don't care who wins.
I just my heart to be safe and sound.
Track Name: Don't Shoot!
Where do you walk?
What do you know?
Making no sense just like your mother...
Why would you ever feed on my sadness?
Please don't ever feed on my sadness.
Don't you ever feed on my sadness.
Do you know where it walks?
'cuase I'll never know if that's the way you walk and if that's the way you walk that's the way to go...
I'll never glow like the temple in my mind!
You ain't got no place to go!
You ain't got no place to go!
I hope you have another plan of contigion!
Track Name: Hounds
This hound is chained to me!
The poor cripple can't walk!
It reeks of junk and shit.
It's part of me!
I hear you barking, I hear you barking loud.

Now I'm scared to death!
By these angry eyes!
It waves a gun...
It point at me!

It's coming at me.
I hear you barking!
I hear you.
Track Name: Boo (It's just a game)
It's so natural,
what you do to me
Do you cry when you shiver?
I wanna know exactly.
What do you do to me?
Was so charmed when you said it.

Don't take weight on my heart.
You never tore it down, you'd never broke it apart.
Do you ever want to tell me what you said?
Do you ever loved anybody like I did?

I never thought that you would do this to me.
I know you're hard, baby you're so contrary to what I've got.
I'm clearly not the man for you and I know that you're thinking of...
That other guy.

Don't tell me, you never think of him.
I always do(most particular way)
Hey buddy!
You were just an obstacle, just another glitch in her mind.

You told me that you were honest!
I thought you was just cleanly toy that I had enough, had enough in my mind!
You told me I was a little boy.
Without eyes you told me everything!
And I saw you looking at me, asking me question I do not want to repeat.
I'm begging you, begging you, please!
I don't think that you once knew but I want to sing this true.
That you were the best I was the worst.
It's in my arm, all in curls.
Staying here is too much spine for you.
So let them have, let them take everything that they want.
And the mosaic tiles in your room!
That was the worst!
That's when they came!
There is his voice!
There is his name!
Don't you see?
It's just a game, It's just a game again.

Don't you believe me when I told you.
You were just a ripple in my eye. It's just a game.
Just wanted you to know. It's just a game.
You don't have to play it if you don't want to.
I always try to evade it, never concentrating in it.
But then when I want to love It's just a pain.
It was just a pain that I had to deal with.
I had my fun for a while, I tried my best to be honest with everyone but it just didn't seem that smart.
Don't brake my eyes, you were my friend for a while.

Cry me a river.
It's what you said to me.
You were so honest Boo and I was crazy for you.
You were so honest Boo, my baby, my little darling.
Track Name: El Circo (Del teatro de la J)
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.
I'm sorry but the show has been closed.
For the raptures in the attic I know you've been excited but the show has been closed..
I know is more than a job for me, these films.
They're my sould, they're my ghost.
But I would never try so hard and I've been feeling all this love.
And you won't mind I know you would forsake me.
You know you are particular and you seem so ridiculous.
But I...I try.
I'm sorry for the slight interruption but this is how I like to start the show...