Lazy Views

by Las Abejas

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Second official release by Las Abejas.


released July 26, 2013

Recorded August 2012 at MUSIC DORKS
Recorded & Mixed by Daniel Figueroa
Mastered by Héctor Manzano
Artwork & Layout by Guillermo Casanova

Cristian Zayas- Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Jorge Perez- Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Jose Moreira- Drums, Keyboards, Vocals

Dead Mofongo Records
Catalog #: DM-005



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Las Abejas Puerto Rico

From San Juan, Puerto Rico. Formed in 2010 by Cristian Zayas and Jorge Perez the band focus is on their own take on post- punk. In 2011 Jose Moreira joins the band on drums and record their first E.P under then name 'The Bee's Knees'. In 2013 they changed their name to Las Abejas officially and put out their cassette debut on Dead Mofongo Records "Lazy Views" Now a 4 piece band Kevin is on bass. ... more

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Track Name: Bees Wax
I Know something you won't believe,
tell me, tell me, tell me, please.
Track Name: Guys and Gals
Yo no quiero que pase nada,
yo no quiero pase nada nunca.
Callate ya nena, callate ya nena.
Yo quiero una casa donde quepa una manada de poodles.
Vamonos ya nena, vamonos ya nena.
Yo te voy a partir la cara, Yo te voy a partir la cara ahora.
Que yo te amo nena que yo te amo nena.

Ella me asusta, por que siempre esta rodeada,
entre verdugos que le dicen... te dicen...

"I could beat that guy if you let me I could beat that guys face I could fuck that guy up I could fuck that guy up."
Track Name: Runnin' and Drivin'
Runnin', drivin' into a dirty road,
you know happiness can grow old .
What the hell do you care about this?
This is one of your crazy trips.
Oh Baby, don't go out tonight,
'cause I don't want them to see you this way.

What the hell do you take me for?
I thought you and I were better than that.
Maybe I was wrong, so wrong.
Lovely songs is all we got now.
Track Name: Wicked Ways
Why do men? when they want to change their wicked ways,
their youngself comes out,
and says remember when you didn't get any attention at all?
and you where just an item in a bag,
and you were just a ring tones gleam,
that's what you were to them.

And don't you forget the books that we read,
and the changes we made to the spread,
and don't let anyone take your sanity,
and that we fought for a dream.
We tell them, that we were not bought,
and that we were skeptical to the source,
and that we invested in in just our thoughts.
Track Name: Always Wasted
You're always wasted time, time, time,time(x2)
You're always wasting time,
You are a waste of.. mind, mind, mind, mind.

I remember talking 'bout the photos you brought home,
It was your parents down in 1984.
Those crazy moments, that you won't remember.
'Cause you're always wasted,
you're always wasted,
you're always wasting time,
you are a waste of mind.
Track Name: Certainty
What do you know?
What do you know we were not even supposed to be here at all.
What do you give? What do you give?
they were just waiting for us to arrive at door.
What do you know? What do you know they were just waiting for us to arrive at door.

When you build a house of revenge,
You dig two graves, One for them and one for yourself.
Then what do you do with these emotions?
Do I let them build up? or do I let them show? to other people.
And you always think I've got all the answers,
but I'm always changing all of the questions.
...and I don't think I can tell you something, that you will take it as a certainty.
Track Name: Detachment of an Analyst
I thought you're embarrassed,
I thought you had a clue,
I thought you were waiting for someone, somebody new.
Now you expect me, expect me to leave.
I'm thinking 'bout life now, You thinking 'bout trees.
Know you like that, don't you see?
You wanna feel honest? you better believe.
I've been thinking something else, just like you.
Why does it always have to do with you?

Well I feel embarrassed for you,
'cause I don't seem to know oh the truth 'bout you, 'bout you.
Then you take me out,
with the gentlemens of your town.
Even though we thought it was better,
that we didn't do that anymore.

Sorry I ain't got no answers,
answers for you.
But I've got some questions, to you.

Do you think that it's better than before?
Everything that you wanted it was so wrong, so wrong.
Yeah I've done better than you're skewed religion,
one better predicted.

What do you know ? about love, about love?
Cause I know, I know, You'll let it walk, let it walk.
'Cause everything that I see is lazy views, lazy views.